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Jim Smith Karate has been in business since 1973, under the direction of Hanshi Jim Smith, who has been bringing Westchester and Putnam County the very best in martial arts instruction in the style of Goju-Te Karate. Although our techniques are based on century-old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that sets Jim Smith Karate apart. Our instructional methods allow students to develop a strong foundation in basic skills, and gives them the opportunity to strengthen their natural physical abilities in order to maximize their self-defense skills.

Classes are taught by certified black belt instructors and we boast a 5:1 student/teacher ratio. At Jim Smith Karate you will NEVER pay a belt fee or test fee, plus at Jim Smith Karate you will NEVER be "locked-in" to a contract.


Jim Smith Karate - Hanshi Jim Smith #jimsmithkarate
Hanshi Jim Smith

Hanshi Jim Smith, a Tenth Degree Black Belt, is an accomplished teacher, competitor, and coach in the art of Goju-Te karate. He has owned and operated Jim Smith Karate Inc. since 1973 in Westchester County.

Jim Smith Karate - Kyoshi James Columbo #jimsmithkarate
Kyoshi James

Kyoshi James Colombo, a Sixth Degree Black Belt, is an accomplished teacher and coach in the art of Goju-Te karate. He has been a practicioner, competitor and instructor of martial arts, plus karate for over forty years.

Jim Smith Karate - Shihan Joe Galbraith #jimsmithkarate
Shihan Joe

Shihan Joe Galbraith, a Fifth Degree Black Belt, is an accomplished teacher, competitor, and coach in the art of Goju-Te karate. He started at Jim Smith Karate at the age of 6, becoming an excellent instructor.

Jim Smith Karate - Shihan Lori #jimsmithkarate
Sensei Lori

Sensei Lori, a Third Degree Black Belt, is an accomplished teacher and coach in the art of Goju-Te karate. She helps manage Jim Smith Karate and runs the day to day operations. Lori is also the primary instructor for Karatecise.


Please review our monthly calendar of events and classes at Jim Smith Karate.




All classes at Jim Smith Karate are staffed by highly experienced and motivated martial artists. We will help you or your child achieve more than you ever imagined.

We realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are far more important benefits to be had from being involved in a martial arts program. That's why our unique program of work and fun is designed to enhance the qualities of character, self-esteem, respect, self-control and proper etiquette in all of our students.

Find out why Jim Smith Karate has been so successful in Westchester since 1973.

Mini Dragons (4 to 6 yrs. old)

By enrolling in Jim Smith Karate's mini-dragon program, children can begin their martial arts training at the age of 4 years old. In mini-dragons, children learn the fundamentals of karate by participating in activites that improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction time and the ability to focus.

Karate for Kids (6 to 11 yrs. old)

What does your child need to succeed? Self-confidence, focus and a positive mental attitude! We promote a healthy lifestyle, improve behavior at home and school and teach the techniques for personal protection. We know you want what's best for your children, so don't settle for less.

Karate for Adults (12 yrs. and up)

Our teen and adult classes are excellent full body workouts to help you get and stay in shape. In addition, karate classes are a great way to relieve stress. Self-defense is also a primary focus for the teen and adult group.

Advanced Karate

This unique class is geared towards students who are looking for a little bit more from their karate experience. Whether it be improving their sparring skills or if they have interest in learning weapons. Some of our students who enroll in our advanced class also compete in sport karate events.


At Jim Smith Karate we host numerous events and our students and teachers attend many events, such as seminars, competitons and tournaments. We also offer special events and birthday parties for adults and kids.

This page will have periodically updates, based on current events. You can also keep up-to-date by visiting our social networks.

Jim Smith Karate - Birthday Parties at Jim Smith Karate #jimsmithkarate

Birthday Parties

Sensei Lori 6:49 PM Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Jim Smith Karate are fun for children from 5 years and older! Guests will have a great time while actually learning karate! It's sure to be a party your guest will talk about for months!!

Birthday parties include:

  • A 45 minute group workout, age appropriate activities
  • 30 minutes for food/cake
  • A 15 minute demonstration by our instructors

We will provide:

  • Party invitations
  • Black Belt instructors
  • Table and chairs
  • Guest passes for all of the children
  • A free gift for the birthday child
Jim Smith Karate - Belt Testing at Jim Smith Karate #jimsmithkarate

Belt Testing

Hanshi Jim 10:12 PM Promotions

This month at Jim Smith Karate, the following students have earned a promotion:

Belt Promotions

  • White - Colin B.
  • Gold - Alexander J.
  • Purple - Logan M.
  • Brown - Aiden D.
Jim Smith Karate - Our Competitive Students at Jim Smith Karate #jimsmithkarate


Admin 10:49 AM Competitions

The Jim Smith Karate competition team has been competing in and around the Northeast area for over 20 years. We have had the honor of mentoring and coaching some incredible people towards their individual competition goals. Some of those goals have included amateur and professional competition in Karate. If your goal is to compete and join Team Jim Smith Karate, we would love to hear from you.

Satisfied Customers

At Jim Smith Karate, our students take center stage as we continuously re-evaluate the quality of service that we provide. We seek to identify and address every one of our customers' and students' requirements, we also strive to fulfill the expected needs in order to deliver greater customer satisfaction across the board. Customer Satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

  • Jim Smith Karate - Testimonial 1 at Jim Smith Karate #jimsmithkarate

    Christopher Graessle


    As I've watched my son train at Jim Smith Karate, it has become very clear that Karate is as much or more in the mind as it is in the body. Simply put, if you want the best training in all that Karate can offer your child, Jim Smith Karate is the place to go.

  • Jim Smith Karate - Testimonial 3 at Jim Smith Karate #jimsmithkarate

    Jess Crothers


    So proud of my Little Bug! This was a huge accomplishment for him and he had to work through a lot to get here. Huge thanks to Jim Smith Karate for giving him the confidence he needed, you guys are awesome!!! I cannot recommend you guys highly enough. I have been a nanny for 13 years and never have seen such a compassionate and caring staff.


What is the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

One of the differences between the two arts is that Karate is a Japanese art and Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Art. Both teach hand and feet techniques and both emphasize self-defense but Karate tends to be a more traditional and disciplined art with a more structured environment. Tae Kwon Do is more of a speed/combat/sport with emphasis on movement.

Why does it take 4-5 years to obtain a black belt?

We are not a belt factory. At JSK, you get your belts the old-fashioned way ...you earn them. It's important to us that each student moves through the ranks properly and effectively and at their own pace.

What are the terms of your agreement, will I be 'locked-in'?

Although members are required to sign a one year agreement, payment is monthly and you may cancel at any time. We simply ask for written notification 15 days prior to your billing date.

Do you charge test fees and belt fees and can I call you to get prices?

Our monthly rate is all-inclusive and you will not pay for any belt or test fees. Tuition rates are happily given over the phone.

How many instructors do you have on the floor, student/teacher ratio?

We strive to keep the student/teacher ratio at 5:1 so that every student receives optimal instruction.

Do you offer a trial class?

It is our recommendation that any student, child or adult, participate in at least one trial class before signing up. On occasion, students require more than one class to feel confident and sure that karate is for them.

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